Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mmm...This is a Juicy First!!!

Thank you so much for being here reading my very first post on my very own blog!! 

My  Flourishing In Nature's Flow newsletter has been beloved by many for several years (Hi and Thank You, Everybody!).
I'm so excited because now we can all interact here with your comments!
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The goal of this blog is to share some Juicy Ideas and Happy, Healthy Living Tidbits to enhance your energy and well being.
This blog sings the praises of Nature, of Life!
It's a place for us all to express some of our Joi de Vivre!

This blog, too, is a space for expressing my heart, and for you to express yours. 

About our visions for a world of Well Being for All.
About how we're resolving issues that effect us all, as a Community of Earth.
We are in Nature, of Nature, together.
One World, One Ecosystem, One Global Heart.

I've had, and have, my share of painfully self-stretching life challenges and I'm sure you have too, as well as Magnificent Joy.
I want to acknowledged how joyfully blessed and grateful I am for all the amazing people - including you - in my life....I've met and continue to meet and work with so many lovely, caring folks. 
I am surrounded by and filled with Love.
An abundance of deliciousness? YES!
I feel plump with Love and Gratitude.

And by focusing everyone on the Food of Gratitude, Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to feel our own hearts, and if we look, to notice the Beauty in Hearts Everywhere.
We can do that everyday, holiday or otherwise.

As one of my treasured teachers reminds us, when we look upon Nature's Beauty in any of its myriad forms, when we acknowledge the Beauty all around, We Become BEAUTY!
And Beauty is a Vital Nutrient!

May Your Beautiful Heart be Filled with Joy, May Your Soul Be Filled with Laughter !
                                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Please say hello, and whatever else you'd like to share!  
With Dancing Blessings,
Alisa Rose


  1. Congrats Alisa Rose! "We become beauty" - I love that!

  2. This information about toxic toys is so timely! We could powerfully vote for a better world by the choices we make in selecting toys for the next generation! If only more parents knew...